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Norwich September 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Brethren

Wow the dates just keep rolling around. Next Monday sees the September dinner for Norwich FGB and - yes - I am asking you to turn out and pray again. It is a privilege for me to ask and a privilege for you to pray. I know we do not always feel his way, but it really is so. Today, it is just after lunchtime as I sit to write this, and to be honest I do feel a bit weary. HOWEVER I do know that it is my privilege to spend this time with Jesus and pen these few words, From it WILL come blessings untold. I also know that if YOU will, as you have committed just spend a few minutes in prayer for Peter Gladwin, the speaker, Barrie Lawrence, the Leader, whosoever will be leading praise, or speaking for elements of the evening or sitting at the ticket table, selling books or any of the other tasks. then you will also be blessed greatly by our GOD who says “My word will not return to me void”. That means whenever you or I pray into any situation it will have a blessing effect. Not just for that prayed for but for you and I to walk into blessing.

So do pray for every single element of our dinner next Monday. Speakers, waiters, hoteliers, guests, saved, unsaved, yourself and whosoever you speak to - move into privilege, move into Blessing.

To get a prayer answered, it has to be prayed - think about that! I am never sure how much effort has to go into the prayer, the instant, so called arrow prayer, is often as effective as the hour long cathedral service it seems. Praying constantly is something the bible commends, The Lord's Prayer, is a short and effective verse we can say together or alone. It is good to name  the one, or the situation we are praying for.   

Of course, as well as being prayed, the prayer has to have the answer sought - again something to think about. 

I always like the story of the man walking along a clifftop in thick fog, of course he falls off, crying “”Lord Help me”” arms out he clutches a small bush. 

Hanging there on a crumbling cliffside to a weak shrub in the fog and with no footholds he again cries “thank you God”….“what do I do now?” 

The voice from heaven says “”Leave go of the bush”” the man, like many of us would, I am sure he cries “is anybody else there?” 

It is sometimes hard to see the answer, harder still to look for one, and almost impossible when we have just part of the answer right there in our hands. but this is the essence of all prayer. (Let go of the bush)

Almost 90 years ago the young Kenneth Hagan Snr was a sickly child, the interesting term ‘bedfast’ was used to describe him, little education because of this and living in mid western bible belt depression USA he was visited by the local pentecostal pastor, who a bit arrogantly told him to Stand on the Word. Not understanding, and not having the real meaning explained young Ken threw his bible down by the bed, struggled out and stood on it - instant complete healing, and he later became a tent evangelist, then radio, then one of the great tv evangelists.  I was reminded of this because I asked for some prayer today, and three folks have contacted me, one of which left a message with two similar stories to the Ken Hagan one. Do pray also for me that the shackles might be loosed from me at this time.

Now when I am seeking the Lord on some issue I love to go to the word, and I quote from that same Kenneth Hagan who says if only Christians will read the bible we could eliminate 99% of all counselling. This morning I was looking for the names of Jehovah, and there are at least 16 different names for Jehovah in scripture. I was looking for Jehovah Rapha, in fact He led me to Jehovah Jireh. So what do I learn from that. I have had an unusual walk with God, so I have to take that. If you have a wisdom on this then let me know.

God Bless you all,


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