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Norwich FGB prayer letter Jan 2020

Hi all,

This letter has a dual purpose,

First this is my annual opportunity to ask whether you wish to remain on the list of those asked to pray for the evangelistic work of this fellowship. The name/addresses on this list are not shared with other lists FGBMFI may hold. You will never be asked to support in any way other than to pray for our events, and only those of the Norwich fellowship and the annual conventions. The letter is also published on the East Anglia regional blog site of FGB.


For those remaining on this list can I remind you that the Full Gospel Businessmen is a multi denominational group of Christian men (and lately a ladies group) who hold regular meetings with guest speakers from across the world to share the stories of how they, as individuals, came to faith. we do not preach, nor do we share denominational doctrines at any of our meetings. Our ministry is entirely testimony based, but it does give an opportunity to christians within the church to hone their personal witness within their own church, or within our fellowship or indeed within the wider world. 

Secondly this is an invitation to you to pray for the AGM of the Norwich FGB This will be held Saturday 11th January at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe. Starting with Breakfast at c 8.00am and followed by the formalities. We aim to conclude before 11.00am. All are welcome, (breakfast is £9.95) but only members are entitled to vote. 

Please pray for the chairman of the meeting, which will ge a senior officer of the fellowship, Field Rep or Director.

Please pray that we do elect Gods intended officers for 2020. We elect a chairman or President, one or more Vice Presidents for the year and a treasurer ( We no longer elect a secretary as these duties tend to be carried out by others in this electronic age). We believe that selection by election is a good way for God to speak to us from the floor, and nominations can be made on the day. This is most important that all attendees are within the will of God that day, please pray for this.

Also pray for what follows. We then select people for doing various jobs during the year. Greeters, table hosts, prayer secretary, minute takers, hosts for speakers, and in these modern times those who will record and promote the fellowship.

My job for some years has been to write the prayer letter, like all work that is up to the fellowship as whole whether I continue? Barrie has been president, Tim and Malcolm vice presidents, Ivor treasurer, Rod and Neal greeters and so on. If you have a nominee, or indeed feel that you can add to or improve what we do then please let one of us know, we can always do with more helpers at all levels.

I usually conclude with a word from God or a testimony, this autumn has been hard for me, so perhaps I can share some of that. I believe it can be summed up within the words of the old gospel song.....

Put your hand in the hand of the man

who stilled the water

Put your hand in  the hand of the man

who calmed the sea

Take a look at yourself and you can 

look at others differently

Put your hand in the hand of the man 

from Galilee. 

Last August I developed a heart problem, and of course expected to pray for healing - strangely God would not at that time promise healing, rather that he would support me (JEHOVAH JIREH. My Provider). This is not as bad as you might expect, many will know that some 40 years ago God made a covenant with me about money, and indeed he provided quite well for ten years, then, like Job, satan took it all away, we lost business, home, bank accounts, vehicles - the lot. BUT the covenant was still there. God showed us HE was still in charge, and despite having nothing we had all we needed. I kept working, Miracles abounded. I kept "my hand in the hand of the man from Galilee" and so it has been for thirty years.

So with this illness? I am using the NHS and have had a number of diagnostic appointments, plus some treatments, I have a couple of treatments booked for the end of this month. I am grateful to all who have prayed, and are praying for me. I am certain that God does not intend for christians to suffer beyond a point, and I do not know, yet, the outcome of the illness. What I do know is that "I am keeping my hand in the hand of the man from Galilee" 

Regarding the Word of God. As this is just about the turn of the year. I have for many years advocated the reading of the Bible in one year, by just three chapters a day, I do this in addition to any studies for whatever reasons. I normally read the KJV for preference, but have read the RV,  RSV, NIV over the years, and struggled with the NKJV, not making the full year as I find it  contradictory. I have decided to read the Living Bible in 2020, all you purists will tell me it's a paraphrase, and not to be trusted, but I will still have the KJV as my study bible. 

To all of you out there I commend reading 3 chapters a day straight through from Genesis to Revelation of whatever version you prefer. Include the so called boring bits, (which have many truths hidden in them) and I sure you will be blessed. 


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