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Norwich Chapter Prayer Letter May 2019

Next Monday sees the MAY dinner of Norwich FGB. If you can I do ask you to pray for this meeting. We are some time since the last gathering and on Monday we will be hosting Trevor and Helen Bendrien. Whilst I have met with Trevor I have never heard his story, and a quick read of the Network Norwich write up tells me it is similar to my own. So looking forward to that.


When wwe pray, it is good to first get right with the Lord. I know some will say pray anyway, and that is also right. Arrow Prayers in emergency situations are perfectly OK. So is praying when you are prompted, perhaps when driving, or when passing a  particular place. Maybe woken in the night with a burning urge to lift an individual. But for this dinner I am asking that you set aside a time, be it short or long. That you settle your own accounts with God first, and then bring our dinner before Jesus.


As usual pray particularly for Trevor and Helen, that they may come in the right mind to witness to our group, safe journeys and calm minds. Pray for Barrie, it requires a lot of GRACE to lead a meeting, and however calm and capable he may seem it is so important that he can feel our prayers supporting him for those few hours. ( Can I ask if you are not at the dinner you spend a time in prayer, especially at the start time of 7.30 and at the ministry start time around 8.30 to 9.00 and most especially at around 9.45-10.00 when ministry is most likely to be under way. We are taught to be both wise and innocent, and that surely applies to prayer as to all other things. 


We do also need to pray for the hotel, the staff, the guests and the conversations. It means little but numbers are also important in some ways, not least in encouraging. Of course we pray for Souls Saved - Bodies Healed - Captives Freed as we obey our commandment to "be My witnesses"


I always think it is remarkable how well God blesses those who follow him. Wealth and power, position and favour will be blessings for God's people, and that is as it should be. Great things are given and great things are asked when we start on the Christian life. But then there is another blessing, that where much or even all is taken away. This seems to be Trevor and Helen's story. It is also mine, and I know of others in this area. When we are true believers and are in a position where wealth, power, position and favour are suddenly taken from us - then we will truly see the blessings of God made manifest in our lives. If you are in that position now then start praising God for it, and make sure you turn up at the dinner, and of course make sure you are prayed with.


Most of all, Walk in the blessing of God


Gordon Bambridge

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