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Norwich Chapter Prayer Letter June2019



Any who have heard John Gaughan speak before will know that we are in for an excellent evening on 20th June but we do still especially ask you to pray. When we get a celebrity speaker, we often get a bigger percentage of unsaved and unchurched people so we should always be ready for more opportunities around the tables, and before the meal itself. Do remember we are all witnesses to Jesus ministry and salvation, so we all have the same duty to speak out in ‘due season’


If you come to our dinners hurting, then please just wrap yourself in the comfort of the Gospel and the love of fellow diners. We will minister to you the Love of Jesus and simply ask one of us to pray for you…. If you come with guests, then please spend all your time ministering to them. That is the object of our events…. BUT…. If you come in rude health and with friends then please be prepared to share a little bit of your story, perhaps from the front, but certainly at the table. I never cease to be delighted at those whose testimony includes a bit about the quiet word around the actual meal itself. If you are a chapter member, then this should be regarded as a work night.


I do remind you to pray for John as he prepares, and speaks. For Barrie as he leads the meeting. For the music, probably mostly John himself, but any others. For those who share a short testimony and speak for the fellowship, the offering and the notices. All of these point to the actual appeal at the end of the evening. Remember also those who serve us on the night and the hotel itself that they be Blessed simply because we are there. Often it is staff and chance hotel guests who happen by get touched by testimony, so a covering of prayer is needed every single event. If you are unable to attend, please give a thought to spending some time that evening praying for souls in Norwich.


Sometimes when we share a story from our journey of salvation it has implications to people who are not even there……….. Some years ago when Jacqueline and I were able to travel a bit, we had shared in a biggish meeting and one of the first to be prayed for was a young married woman, unfortunately her life was one where violence and oppression was commonplace, yet tonight she was spiritually set free, and we prayed for physical freedom also. A few hours later, as we were preparing to leave the venue she returned with her husband, whom she had witnessed her salvation to, and he also was saved, there and then, ensuring that she also was now both spiritually and physically free from oppression. They were linked into a local church. Praise Jesus.


Sorry I will not be there for the meal, but I hope to be there for afterwards. Do pray journeying mercies for me.


If you have another few moments I have some notes about testimony which I will also send to you. Delete if you do not want.


Be  Blessed in Jesus name




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