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Norwich Chapter Prayer Letter July 2019


It has been a busy month for FGB Norwich, 

The last dinner on 20th June. 

The Norfolk Show, where whilst we did not have any official presence a number of very positive conversations took place with other Christian organisations and individuals. 

The Forum event on 29th June. Barrie and I spoke to most organisations present plus a great number of individuals. Do please add these to your prayer lists. They included church's. Folks from West Norfolk. Folks from South Coast who may want to restart a chapter. People with problems in their lives. People with problems with the wider church.and just those whom we could share a testimony of salvation, healing or deliverance, which may just stir something in their spirits to look a bit harder at Jesus.

Now we are looking to our JULY Dinner on 18th and a business meeting on 19th July for which we would also value your prayers.

The July Dinner is almost upon us and it looks to be a great event. We are told that the the most popular entertainment subject is that of "Cops and Robbers" be it in film, on TV or in books. So why should our dinners be any exception. Dave Riley was a cop........Col Pownall was a villain......and now they come together as Christians annointed to share the Gospel of Jesus unto salvation. If you know any 'cops' or indeed any 'villains' then why not bring them along, but book with Barrie quickly to secure a seat. 

I do remind you to pray for all the usual things. The Hotel of course, just as in the wilderness the israelites used a common tent of skins to house their tabernacle, so ours on Thursday will be housed in the common bricks and mortar of the Mercure Hotel. We believe that as they host our dinners we should pray a blessing upon them and their staff. This includes those who prepare and directly serve our meal. The Guests, this includes those who just come along for a filling up, those who may be unsaved, those who are not really sure why they are there. The conversations before during and after the meal. It is so important that we all centre the evening on the positive aspects of our FAITH. The Speakers, and not just Dave and Col, but also Barrie and whoever is providing music, short testimony or reading notices. Pray that they may be anointed, because it is the anointing which breaks the yoke of bondage upon the speakers and upon those who are listening. 

Do think about where you are sitting in the room. Of course you should consider your guests, but if you can, why not sit at the back or sides, so that if there is disruption you can pray into a situation with authority. Last time we met we had a problem with 'gremlins' whatever they are, in the sound system. We should be able to pray those systems right. As it turned out the speaker was able to overcome, but others may not be so blessed.

I know, because I am so often guilty, that we do not always pray into situations in our lives, but we should. Practical things, mechanical things, environmental things are just as subject to prayer as matters of the spirit. I am sure many will have testimony to this, but just from me, a few years ago we prayed for a washing machine with a hole in the drum, it did not leak for months. just last weekend I prayed for a totally dead battery, in a remote location, to start an engine, it did. So if you are at the dinner and the PA goes down, or the meal is late, or a disruption occurs, just quietly pray into that situation. the same applies in church, or indeed anywhere. Your faith will be increased just by doing it.

Do you sometimes use somebody else's sermon notes? It can be very handy in a busy life, I often refer to Matthew Henry in his commentary, for preaching. When teaching Revelation I will always turn to Howard Chipchase because of the anointing of God in their lives. Well last Sunday I had been given a subject "How can I make the most of the rest of my life" and a reading Romans 12:1-18. As can happen when you have a real time job as well as part time speaker I was just so up to the wire on time that I had not given the right amount of it to preparation of my sermon. I found that Paul, who used to be called Saul from Tarsus had actually done all of the sermon notes for me. So can I commend you to read that chapter (actually up to v21) and consider my subject. You might regard that as an hour well spent.

Please be Blessed 


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