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Norwich Chapter Prayer Letter Feb 2020

Dear praying friends, 


Please pray for our February dinner meeting on Friday evening from 7.30 onwards,

This will be a special dinner in that we will be inviting some more local people to share their encounters with God in a shorter testimony, so perhaps three or four speakers in the given time, some of whom may not have spoken in public before. If you are attending then do pray before the dinner, you will be blessed by hearing something new. If you are not attending then give some thoughts and prayers during the evening for those who may be taking this huge leap, for them, of speaking in public, and sharing their lives, maybe for the first time.

Why is this important? Well we all have to start somewhere, and in FGB we try to assist that start. One of the great Anglican Bishops of the 20th century Festo Kivangere shared on a visit to Norwich around 40 years ago that his conversion to Christianity was because of the testimony of just one man, and apparently that man only told his story once, and was in fact a murderer. I will share that another time, but that one testimony of how a life was touched by God - and who told it to no one else - was the reason Festo became a believer, preached to millions around the world, saw thousands enter the kingdom and held his countries christian church together in the Amin oppression. 

God touches us all in many ways, different to each, but significant for all, think of how He has touched you in your life, and thank Him as you pray for us. Expect a miracle a day, and you will get one.....believe that just one word can make a difference, and that one word could be in your prayer - just one word......

God Bless you all and thank you



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