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Norwich Chapter Prayer Letter December 2019

Dear Friends,

Once again we approach the wonderful Christmas Season. That time in the church year that we celebrate the coming to Earth of the Saviour Jesus Christ. As part of our celebrations we hold the FGB Norwich Christmas Dinner. Many of us may just come to have a celebration of our faith with likeminded people, and that is fine. Others of us will be seeking to see who should saved, healed and delivered and regard that as the ‘reason for the season’ as we used to say in the 1980’s.

Our Dinner will be held on Tuesday 10th December and this letter is to encourage you to start praying now, and right up to the night. The chairman on the night will be Malcolm Springall, so do pray for him that he may be so grounded in the Holy Ghost on that day that only the will of God is evident in the room. Do pray for the staff who serve us, the hotel that hosts us, the very tables and chairs we use may be holy ground for that evening. Pray for Bob and Cliff as they host the singing of Christmas carols which will remind us all of of the season and of the special nature of our faith. Of course your main prayer effort should concentrate on the actual event, those who will minister, share at tables, bring and present unsaved guests, civic leaders who are so often present at this time of year. Especially pray for those moved to accept Jesus, to accept healing, to accept being set free. and if you are unable to attend in person please pray as we approach the end of the evening that hearts will be touched.

Do Pray for Dr Barrie Lawrence who will be the speaker for that evening. Most of us know Barrie, but few it seems have heard his story in his own words. Pray that Barry will be on fire for sharing those parts of his story which will speak to us. Some may not know, but apart from being President of the Norwich Chapter, Barrie has recently been appointed chairman for FGB UK and Ireland. We do need to also commit to prayer that this new work and ministry will bless him, and also those in the fellowship worldwide. For around fifty years this English rural town chapter in Norwich has always punched above its weight within the worldwide fellowship and this is set to continue - it is really down to the constant prayers of you all who uplift FGB month by month. From those very earliest days this chapter was grounded in local churches, it was led by praying people who encouraged others to pray for the ministry of the chapter. Godly men and women gave time and effort to ensuring the chapter was supported practically and spiritually and literally thousands of individuals owe their place in Glory because of ministry of this chapter directly, or indirectly from those who have taken the word out from Norwich. It has also led to FGB being instrumental in inviting speakers from all over the world to Norwich to minister in this town.

What is your testimony of the Norwich FGB.

Mine is that as a fairly new Christian with a real ministry in the anglican church I met by chance (Gods will) some folks from USA who started sending me a magazine (voice)  and other stuff, we developed a friendship over time and eventually I connected with the Norwich chapter, I have told the story before. By then I was giving away around 100 voice a month, and Jacqueline and I invited 16 members of the San Bernadino chapter to Norwich where we entertained them at home and put on special meetings plus of course and included a Norwich dinner. This led to my first foreign speaking tour and later, in 1990, a visit to the World Headquarters of FGBMFI where we spent a day seeing what went on and a nice lunch, We should have met Demos but he was called away. As a reader in the CofE I had spoken at several denominations and one or two conferences, but FGB opened doors that would otherwise not have been available to me, so, much of my ministry in faith, such as it is, is owed to my membership of Norwich FGB and those men who have made up its membership over many years. Thank you.

Consider the second sentence of the second verse of the first chapter of Genesis: And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (KJV)

The two parts of the Bible I am always drawn to are the first 20 or so chapters of Genesis and the Revelation. I love the mystery and the drama, but also the way in which they both involve every other single book in the bible and in their implications for all life, including mine and yours.

The verse is obviously about the beginning of time, but it also about me and about you. There was a time when I was indeed ‘without form and void’ in every spiritual sense, but then on 28th May 1972 Stanley Plunkett preached a short salvation gospel message as I was a stranger in his church, he always did this. In that moment shortly before 11.30 am The Spirit of God moved on me and, Praise Jesus, on my wife Jacqueline also. Consider today exactly when He moved on you. It is the start of your testimony and the moment to share either at our dinner, or if not over this Christmas season as you meet with others, be they believers or not.

God Bless you all this Christmas time


This prayer letter is also published on the FGB East Anglia website alongside other spiritual notes

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