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Norwich Chapter Prayer Letter April 2020

Dear praying colleagues,

You will probably all know that the FGB, like so many organisations is suspending all of our dinners for the moment. I do ask however that you continue to pray for this fellowship whose prime purpose is evangelism, and no doubt most members will continue to witness in different ways. Do also pray for all christians, most of whom now do not have a church to attend, and the many who do not have an internet alternative. Pray that national organisations like the BBC increase their faith programmes on tv and radio.

During this time I am happy to still send out a prayer letter from time to time, but I am aware that you signed up for one specific to the dinners, so if you would rather not hear from me until they resume please answer this with a single word reply - HOLD - and I will suspend you from the list.

Keep safe and move in Gods blessing in these trying times,

Gordon Bambridge


Just a few thoughts, feel free to share if you feel led, I place no copyright on God's inspirations.

How great is our God! How great is His name.

How great is our God! Forever the same.
He rolled back the waters, of the mighty Red Sea
And he said, “I’ll never leave you, put your trust in Me!”

Are all miracles the same? Of course the simplest miracle 'finding the lost item' set against the 'healing of cancer' are in many ways incomparable, but in others the same.

Some miracles seem to me to be greater. One that I always think of as the most remarkable, but really for its teaching elements of how God works, is the healing of the issue of blood. It resonates with me because I was involved in a carbon copy of it. Ok, the woman did not touch my garment, but through me she reached out and touched Jesus. 

However the really GREAT miracles appear in the Old Testament and one of the truly great events that can be called a miracle is the parting of the Red sea for Moses in Exodus 14. I have chosen to illustrate it in what is regarded as a children's chorus, but in fact the words have huge depth. 

Think about 10 of the many lessons......and use this as the basis for a bible study or meditate upon the ten points.

1/ It was for the whole nation - do we need a national miracle today?

2/ It involved God doing, rather than not doing - is always more dramatic

3/ It was complete - the Israelites walked over dry shod

4/ It was personal - the following Egyptians perished

5/ It demanded faith - can you imagine the comments along the way, 'this road is a dead end!'

6/ It involved prophecy - Moses held his staff over the water

7/ It had an ongoing result - 40 years to build up faith

8/ It enabled the basis of the future to be established anew - ten commandments etc

9/ It demonstrated the Holy Ghost into human living - manna and qual etc

10/ It had a tangible ending - entry to the promised land 

I have said as little as possible to  allow you to listen to God speaking to you as you are probably at home with time to read and pray...God Bless you.

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