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Hi to all praying partners,


Another month has passed and we are still in the lockdown, with most people working from home or self isolated or even shielded. Of course it will be a while before we could even consider having a dinner meeting, I understand the hotels etc will be among the last to be opened for meals, other than for staying guests, and most of those will be essential workers..


We do however still need to keep praying for the work of our fellowship which continues, and indeed we can all play our own part in that. From home we can give those extra moments for prayer - that the witness goes on, that the sick we know may be healed, that those who might be seeking Jesus are witnessed to, that those who are affected by being restricted are released from those burdens. Do also pray for Kit Brinkley who is organising our first 'virtual fellowship meeting' this weekend.


What else can we all do?  We can telephone a lonely person we know, just saying "how are you" is often the only starter needed. We can publish a bible verse, or a message of hope on social media. We can pray for each house in our area. We can join with one of the church's doing virtual meetings. We can lobby our MP's or the government, both local and national. We can make sure we are polite and express thanks for service we receive.


We should of course pray for our nation in many areas, but today including the virus, and seek to overwhelm this virus with our prayers. Recently a friend placed an answer on social media about where the virus originated. That is not Wuhan,which is of course the location, but by the hand of God as a punishment, by the hand of the devil as a curse, by human design or by accident, there are many options. From wherever it originated, and by whatever means, his reply was noted as being very long - I would have said complete - we christians have the unique power of prayer, authority and control over its effects to ourselves, let us use them. 


On the same day this was published, in fact just five minutes before, I sent a prayer to another friend which was very short, one line. This got me thinking:-   


The Long and the Short. and how we should use both from our bible.


My long Bible study. Around 40 years ago I was asked to lead a bible study on the book of Revelation, but when I started the study with about 10 attendees I realised it would be a long task, it turned into well over 200 hours of study in weekly bits over more than a year, that's for just 22 short chapters. I have done the same study several times, and it is impossible to get it shorter and do justice to its meaning. That is LONG, In fact we usually chuckle over the time spent examining the revelation gap, probably the least discussed but the most important of the biblical gaps, and the one which demonstrates the fact of the rapture but with no words. That's for another time.

My short prayer is a one liner, I use it all the time, I have given it to thousands of people over 40 or so years and hundreds of them claim to use it. It is Zechariah 2:5 and if you say it all as it is written it takes 6-8 seconds, if you just pray it then less than 2 seconds, and that is SHORT. It is in my opinion the strongest anti satan verse in the Bible and it is specifically designed for born again believer christians. It can be used for every part of your living which comes under your authority including land, animals, property and children under 30. Again that is for another day.

This may well challenge the physical world, but I am a coin dealer, and the long (200 hours) and the short (2 seconds) are two sides of the same coin. Heads or tails whichever side your prayers fall on they are equally effective. As I said in the March prayer letter (found on ) it is possible to pray continually night and day, working or resting, continually in the will of God.

  For the long session I would suggest you need a bible ((KJV) ideally with a Thompson chain reference,) a good commentary (I use Henry) a good Interlinear (Hebrew Greek English, probably an old one or an American from the Received Text) and a good concordance (I use Strongs). Much later I was given the private sermon notes of Dr Howard Chipchase, one of the leading teachers on end times. So I also use them. The most important thing is to read, think and listen.

For the short you need a brain tuned into Jesus.

However you come to your bible, or your prayers, or your encouragement God Bless you all, and keep safe,

Thank you for continuing to pray, God bless you.

Gordon Bambridge

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