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FGB Norwich November 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,


Late again, forgive me for that, my excuse is despite getting out and doing things I seem to have about half the energy I had three months ago. That is an excuse but we do all still need to be praying for Simon Pinchbeck as he prepares to travel to Norwich tomorrow as our guest speaker. Simon has a real testimony of life-changing experience in both the natural and the spiritual realms. 


We all make certain commitments to God in what we do or in our personal spiritual lives, but overriding all is the absolute command of Jesus that we should be 'witnesses' to the fact of the kingdom and tomorrow evening some of us will be doing just that, hopefully uplifted by your praying that each one taking part may have the personal faith and ability to do just what is asked. 


Do pray, of course, for Simon. That his mind and life may be cleared of any pressures of living so that he can concentrate on the parts of his testimony to share. Pray for Barrie as he leads the meeting, that he may be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost in selecting those who will be sharing a short testimony. Pray for christians at each table, we cannot say it often enough but it is so often a stray word over the meal, or before which makes the difference in salvation. Always come with a short testimony that you can share, either from the front, or with the person next to you.


Pray for Bob and Cliff as they prepare the sound system and provide the music. Pray for those who meet and greet, record the guests in, perhaps taking payment, to whoever speaks for the offering. Most of all for those short moments at the end of the evening when an appeal is made. Remember the something special which happens when the miracle of salvation (or healing or release) happens. Glory to God that there will be rejoicing in Heaven on Friday evening because of what is happening in Norwich, Just because you prayed.....


From the deepest valley to the mountaintops. I am hearing lately of believers who are really going through bad times, but also those who are riding the crest of the wave spiritually. To those who are currently living in Psalm 23: 4 I say look to the promise of Psalm 23: 5-6. God never leaves us unattended, and when we are being tested it sometimes seems that we are all alone, but this is never so. This is just the time when we must stand up for Jesus. Someone mentioned Job to me this week and said what a blessing this book was to them personally. In the prayer bulletin this week from Intercessors for Britain I read "we have no right to expect or declare His blessing. We must stand in the gap" This is of course from Isaiah


This is not contrary to my appeal for prayer earlier in the letter, Ps 23 is a reminder of our relationship with Jesus, Job is a reminder of our relationship with the Father and the quotation from IFB reminds us of where we came from until we were filled with the Holy Ghost. Prayer for our dinner is just one part of the gap.


Just a short personal testimony. God never forgets...around 29 years ago Jacqueline and I suffered a great evil upon us, some of you know something about it, but that does not matter. Today some recompense for that was made. Almost 3 decades kept in the love of God. Never forgotten.


Be blessed 



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